necomimi 2021 ver.
necomimi 2021 ver.
necomimi 2021 ver.
necomimi 2021 ver.
necomimi 2021 ver.

necomimi 2021 ver.

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necomimi 2021 ver. (Main body)

It runs on a rechargeable battery. Comes with white ears.

Product features
1. Catgirl Alice band type
The "cat ears" type that is familiar in theme park and idol costumes. The fluffy stuffed ears are removable, so you can change your clothes and arrange them for fun.

2. Equipped with state-of-the-art EEG sensing technology
It is equipped with brain wave sensing technology originally developed in Silicon Valley. The potential difference of biological signals that can be obtained from the earlobe and the forehead is measured, and brain waves are extracted using the technology. The α wave and β wave are mainly analyzed via an algorithm, and the analysis data is transmitted to the high-performance motor as signals of "concentration" and "relaxation".
The electroencephalogram sensor module actually used for necomimi has the performance that a third-party organization in Boston, USA announced in the literature that it outputs the same level of data as the medical electroencephalograph. .. As the accuracy is high, the wearer's sense of consciousness and the movement of necomimi are perfectly synchronized, so the user's "convincing feeling" is also high.

3. Four modes that change with brain waves
When you catch a "neutral" brain wave, your ears move with a jerk.
"Concentrated" ears stand out.
"Relax" Sleep with ears.
"Zone (*)" Ears rise and move alternately.
* A state in which concentration and relaxation are increased at the same time.

4. There is also a sound produced by a real cat according to the movement of the ears.
The moment you enter the "concentrate" mode, you will hear the cat barking "meow!", And when you enter the "relaxing" mode, you will hear the cat's throat ringing. You can enjoy the feeling that you have become a cat. Expectations for relaxation and cuteness by cats.

5. Items that the world has paid attention to
The necomimi prototype, announced in 2011, has received a great deal of attention around the world and was selected as one of the 50 Best Innovations in the World by TIME magazine in 2011.
It has also won awards in the art world, such as the Japan Media Arts Festival and the Ars Electronica Award. The first necomimi machine released in 2012 was enjoyed by many people, and a lot of videos were posted on YouTube.



"This product is not a medical device. It is not intended to be used or judged for medical purposes. 』\